Frequently asked questions

How long will the product last in garden?

The ply characters will last in the garden untreated for 2-3 years. If you treat them with a varnish or stain you will have many more years of enjoyment from them.

What should I treat them with for the garden?

A clear varnish would be best but for colour in the garden, any coloured wood stain would also be fine.

How do I know the product is sourced ethically?

The off-cuts we use are only from Penhaligon Events Consultants’ (PEC) workshops. At PEC we only use FSC sourced timber and sheet material and all acrylics and materials are sourced from major suppliers within the EU.

Should I varnish or paint my items if they are for the house?

We would recommend a coat of water-based varnish for the interior items.

Can Penhaligon Crafty Creation paint my items for me?

Yes we can, there is a separate cost attached to this which will vary from item to item, please ask when placing your order.

Can Penhaligon Crafty Creation make a custom shape for me?

Yes! We love designing and cutting out new shapes. See our page on this service.