About Penhaligon Crafty Creations

Penhaligon Crafty Creations is a subsidiary of our scenery business Penhaligon Event Consultants Ltd (PEC) www.penhaligonbc.co.uk. We build scenery for events all over the world and end up with vast amounts of excess materials such as wooden sheet material, acrylic, metal and fabric. In line with PEC recycling policy we wanted to find a viable solution to these waste problems, and by drawing on our creative design experience we came up with Penhaligon Crafty Creations. What better way than to have some fun whilst also reducing landfill.

We work with www.wastecare.co.uk for our recycling needs and anything they don’t use we use for Crafty Creations. It is our mission to use materials already purchased by PEC (unless a client has a specific commission). The company has a low carbon footprint and uses the ethically sourced resources of PEC to make the fun items in our product range.